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100 Half Marathons - Club Challenge of 50 States Half Marathon Club

Attention half marathon runners and walkers! Join a great club with lots of challenges to work on, as well as lots of discounts and great members. Many half marathon runners and walkers out there can’t alway afford to travel around to all 50 states. The 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ is a perfect alternative! Join Fifty States Half Marathon Club and work toward your 100 half marathons, and take your time on the other challenges. All members can work toward all the challenges.

Fifty States Half Marathon Club hosts a big annual meet up in a new state every year, which includes the big annual awards night for all the club members that finish a challenge. From the 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ to the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge™, or 50 States Endurance Challenge™, runners and walkers will enjoy a great group of members, with lots of opportunity to meet members at races. Paint your journey on the cool 100 Half Marathons shirts, designed by Fifty States Half Marathon Club, or the map back design as you work toward 50 states. No minimums to join. No time limits to finish.

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