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Half Marathons

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Half Marathon Race Calendar 2024 / 2025

Half marathons continue to be a popular distance nationally in the USA and globally. is a simplistic half marathon calendar currently featuring a half marathon schedule listing of half marathons 2024 and listing of half marathons 2025 as they roll in, in the USA. 

Search the Half Marathon Calendar USA for 2024 half marathons or 2025 half marathons in the USA by state OR by month.  Race Calendar of California half marathons, to Texas half marathons, Florida half marathons, Colorado half marathons, Utah half marathons to New York half marathons, and more.  The half marathon schedule also identifies walker friendly half marathons and trail half marathons represented by a symbol on the half marathon race calendar.  The 2025 half marathons are being updated as they roll in and 2026 half marathons will soon be rolling in as well! Check out our half marathon training and running resources, or the fun half marathon social corner with social feeds to many half marathon social media resources as well!

Half Marathons 2024
Half Marathons 2025
Half Marathon Schedule

Half Marathons 2025 are starting to roll in!

Half Marathon Calendar
Half Marathons 2022
Half Marathon Calendar
Half Marathon 2024
Half Marathons USA

Half Marathons news, announcements, photos, and fun collaborated from various half marathons 2024 and half marathons 2025 events, and our various running industry and half marathon partners.

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