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Half Marathon Calendar


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2022 Half Marathons
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Half Marathon Calendar
Half Marathon Calendar Sponsors & Partners™ is a complimentary half marathon calendar, half marathon schedule for the United states, free to the running community. The running event half marathon calendar is maintained by the running club Fifty States Half Marathon Club™ as a free service for 1/2 marathon runners. The Half Marathon Calendar is made up of both running races and walker friendly events. Half marathon events for runners, walkers and trail running enthusiasts surpassed a total of 2000 events held in the United States in 2012 and has continued to grow steadily. Over 200 half marathons were added from 2012 to 2013, with California half marathons, Oregon half marathons and Colorado half marathons leading the way in top growth of half marathon events in 2013. We are currently evaluating half marathon stats for more recent years.

Search for half marathons by state OR search for half marathons by month. The half marathon calendar is a work in progress for all 2021 half marathons, for all events that have set their half marathon 2021 race dates and half marathon 2022 race dates. The 2021 half marathons are being updated as the events announce their half marathon 2021 dates. Half Marathons listed are a combination of both trail half marathons 2021 and 2022, and road half marathons 2021 and half marathons 2022. The trail half marathon events have a trail symbol aside the race to signify the race is a true trail running event. In addition to the half marathon search by state, we have the search by month half marathon calendar for half marathons in the USA. This is especially helpful for 50 Staters, and those that like to use the half marathon calendar for finding 1/2 marathons when they travel!  Soon enough we will have 2023 half marathons rolling in to be updated on the half marathon calendar as well!

Half Marathon Calendar USA very much appreciates the race directors and race organizers submitting their half marathon dates 8 months to 1 year out, to update on the Half Marathon Calendar. Half Marathon participants continuously relay how much they appreciate early half marathon date announcements for their travel plans. Half Marathon Calendar USA also very much appreciates all the races that are on our half marathon calendar for free, that provide our partner, Fifty States Half Marathon Club members, a discount to their event. These half marathons also get an additional listing, with link to event on the half marathon club internal member only discount list sorted by state, which can be helpful in attracting some out of state marathon and half marathon participants that may not have known about your race otherwise. And and EXTRA, EXTRA thank you to all those races who reciprocate the generosity of listing our Half Marathon Calendar USA on their website.  Thank you for your support!
Half Marathon Calendar
Half Marathon Calendar USA
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