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What Entices You Most to Choose a Half Marathon?

Poll Conducted by 2014 through 2015


As of December, 2015, here are the POLL RESULTS so far for:

"As a Half Marathon Event Participant, what MOST entices you to CHOOSE a specific half marathon?"


Have you taken the Poll?

ONE Individual Can Make a Difference - Heartwarming True Story of Homeless Finding Their Way Back to Society Through the Discipline of Running & Guidance of Judge



An inspirational story and documentary about a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles who started a running club on Skid Row.  Judge Mitchell, the founder of the club, trains members not only for international marathons, but also helps them with their addictions and gives them a second chance at life. This is an inspiring story of how one individual can make a difference.  This is a story of how talented individuals, who wound up homeless, found their way back into society through the discipline of running and guidance by the Judge. 

Are you Ready to Advance from Half Marathon to Marathon?


Are you one of those runners that uses half marathons to train for you full marathon, or a half marathon runner ready to advance to your first full marathon? Featured Guest Writer, Curt Davies, provides some great marathon training tips, especially for those of you over 30!

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