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ONE Individual Can Make a Difference - Heartwarming True Story of Homeless Finding Their Way Back to Society Through the Discipline of Running & Guidance of Judge

An inspirational story and documentary about a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles who started a running club on Skid Row.  Judge Mitchell, the founder of the club, trains members not only for international marathons, but also helps them with their addictions and gives them a second chance at life. This is an inspiring story of how one individual can make a difference.  This is a story of how talented individuals, who wound up homeless, found their way back into society through the discipline of running and guidance by the Judge. 


In my personal correspondence with Gabie Hayes, Gabie stated "Last year Judge Mitchell took a small group to Ghana to run the Accra International Marathon.  It was a life changing experience for them. This past March, club members ran the LA Marathon. Every runner experienced an overwhelming sense of accomplishment."  Next, the Judge will take at least 12 runners to Rome in March 2015 to run the marathon.

Skid Row Marathon Trailer CLICK HERE



This is an ongoing project and documentary in the making, which you can follow at Facebook Page Skid row Marathon Movie and Website



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