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2018 Half Marathons are Rolling in!

Year after year, there are the super early race date posters (THEY ROCK!) and of course the super late race date posters. Often, half marathon events posting dates 7 months or less, to race date, lose a great number of participants. There is always a handful of races cancelled year after year by this very group of half marathon organizers that fail to post their half marathon date 8 months to a year out and/or have no official sole race website. One, or the other, or both, are the 2 biggest culprits of low participant registration numbers.

Half Marathons are one of the most popular distances to travel to from out of state, across the nation. Travel, often goes hand in hand with planning. Many half marathoners plan their half marathon schedule a year out. January half marathons 2018 and February half marathons 2018 are already rolling in, and half marathoners love it! Kudos to the races that have already posted (and updated on their websites) their 2018 half marathon dates!

For half marathon runners and walkers starting to plan their early 2018 half marathon schedule, visit the January half marathons 2018 calendar, and the February half marathons 2018 calendar to check out the events that are ready to go! As we roll into March, visit the Half Marathon Calendar page to view other months, or a specific state.

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