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National Running Clubs - One of the Best

National running clubs can provide a sense of community, motivation and inspiration. Most national running clubs provide some type of online community, whether it is a member portal, or a group in one of the primary social media platforms, which can help facilitate the interaction amongst the members of the group.

One of the best national running clubs in the USA is 50 States Half Marathon Club, formally known as Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC. Not only is 50 States Half Marathon Club national, but the club uses a wide variety of both online methods and in person methods of building camaraderie across the club, and bringing members together.

Amongst some of the methods utilized by 50 States Half Marathon Club is a 1) a member portal, which has a load of information for paid members, from discounts sorted by state, national discounts, an announcement page, and events page, activities & updates, member race schedules, links & resources, annual member meet up information, member race profiles with messaging capability, and more. 2) Social Platforms: multiple social group platforms used, to allow flexibility for members who may choose not to be on specific social platforms (allowing those members to still have a means to receive club updates and interact on a smaller scale). 3) Enabling of dinner meet ups and pre race photo meet ups at races (sharing these meet ups on multiple club group platforms and in club member portal). 4) One BIG annual member party and awards night almost every year. Combining all four of these methods, has played a significant role in what makes 50 States Half Marathon Club special.

While there have been a few small copycat clubs that have tried to replicate the great business model 50 States Half Marathon Club has built from ground up, there really are no clubs out there that come close to mimicking the amazing culture and camaraderie 50 States Half Marathon Club has, as a national running club. The race schedule list, bringing members together at half marathons across the nation for race weekend dinner meet ups and race day meet ups, the large club store (for members to spot one another at races), as well as the very special enormous club member party and awards night hosted by 50 States Half Marathon Club, in a brand new state each year, bringing hundreds together from across the nation to mingle and bond, has contributed to many friendships that last a lifetime.

50 States Half Marathon Club has a variety of challenges to work toward simultaneously as a member, from of course the popular 50 States Half Marathon Challenge, but also challenges like the original 100 Half Marathons Challenge, the 7 Continents Endurance Challenge, the 50 States Endurance Challenge (for those that want to mix the distances up a bit and add marathons in the mix), the Canadian Provinces Half Marathon Challenge (or marathons), the Travel the World 25 Countries Endurance Challenge, the 50 States Trail Running Challenge, the One Year One State Go For the Miles Challenge (you choose the state), the Canadian Provinces Challenge, and more. The club even allows a family challenge, where a family member can join and participate in the 50 States "Under Half" Challenge. Additionally, 50 States Half Marathon Club awards for milestones hit, such as 200, 300 half marathons, for all the half crazy half marathon runners.

Are you a half marathon walker? No problem! Runners, walkers, hand cyclists, veterans with disabilities, slow, fast, young, old, ... 100% American owned, U.S. Navy Veteran owned and operated, 50 States Half Marathon Club is for all ages and all abilities!


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