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Results are in for What Truly Entices a Runner to Choose a Half Marathon ...

Race Directors take note! If your half marathon isn't run along a beautiful course with amazing scenery, you better have the "biggest and baddest" awesome Bling, if you are looking to have a high attendance rate! After a year of polling half marathoners, the results are in, with a close tie between a scenic course, or a really cool unique medal. As President of Fifty States Half Marathon Club, I can also attest to the hype around our members showing off thier coolest bling, and forum posts asking what races members know of that have the coolest bling. While there are of course still many that don't care abou the bling, and really are just looking for nice well supported races, for the races looking to draw in a big out of state attendance rate, the cool bling factor is a must.

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