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Race Director Tips: Don't forget the City and State on your Home Page of Website

While many locals certainly may know a location of a specific race, many don't. The last thing a prospective participant wants to do is dig for the location. In addition, with the half marathon distance being one of the most "traveled to" race distances across the nation, landing on a half marathon website to find no city and state on the home page can be quite frustrating for out of staters. A half marathoner might see a cool photo of a race course, and land on that race site, and have no idea what state the race is even in. Hence, the tip for race organizers, is to please (along with race title, distances, date & year) put the city and state up top near race headline / title.

This information was gathered by both personal observation, and from participant feedback & polls conducted to half marathoners by Half Marathon Calendar USA.

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