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Texas Half Marathons - Growth Continues

(Texas): With no doubt, Texas is a great location for half marathon events with almost 29 million people living throughout the state. In addition to the high population, Texas is a popular destination to travel to in winter months, drawing many down for a "runcation" to escape the cold, snowy winter weather in the northern and midwestern states. In the year 2012, Texas had a total of 100 half marathons. The number of half marathons in Texas in 2017 has now grown to over 155 half marathons, taking place throughout the year.

Texas Half Marathons

While Texas has an enormous population and attracts many during the winter months, the state can be a brutal climate for running in the spring, summer, and early fall months. May through September, Texas only has 3 to 5 half marathons take place each month throughout the entire state, then immediately jumps to approximately 21 half marathons in October, and approximately 23 half marathons in November. Currently, March has the largest number of half marathons in Texas, with approximately 25 half marathon events across the state.

The Texas Half Marathon Calendar, presented at Half Marathon Calendar USA, presents half marathoners with a (w) symbol, identifying half marathons of which are walker friendly in Texas. Walker friendly half marathons are events allowing 4 hours or longer to finish, with full support and timing. Texas has had a gradual increase in walker friendly half marathons, promising for the half marathon walker clientele.

While most half marathon events in Texas are road races, Texas has close to 15 trail half marathons across the state. Trail half marathons can sometimes help in the hotter months, typically bringing more tree covered shade to the course. However, the most popular half marathons in Texas seem to be the events held in the coastal towns, popular for vacation travel, and a few of the big city half marathons, such as in Houston and Dallas, drawing large levels of participants. For the wine enthusiasts, Texas has a handful of half marathons with a wine and vineyard emphasis.

While some half marathons come and go, Texas has a history of maintaining many half marathons for a very long period of time, hence the growth in number from 100 to over 155 half marathons in the past five years, adding well over 50 new half marathons to the state. As an example of long standing race presence, the DRC Half in Dallas is coming up on 42 years this November.

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