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The Value of Police, First Responders an Volunteers - For Half Marathon Events

Let's get real. Police, First Responders, and volunteers are a core function of what makes a marathon or half marathon happen, all of whom receive zero compensation (or very little compensation for their contribution). When inflation goes up (due to increased spending & debt), when people are struggling, when crime goes up which contributes to less police resources and first responder resources for races, in addition to the reduced safety, it creates a domino effect. Less police, or less funding for police, in this increasingly higher crime era (caused by a number of current issues), is making it very difficult for races to go forward in some cities and communities. Less safety in cities, higher gas prices, and more work hours to get by also contribute to less volunteers.

In result, some reputable well known races announced it would be their last year in 2023. Just food for thought, and things to think about when you vote for your next community leaders. Get involved. Ask Questions.


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