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Half Marathon Calendar USA asked Half Marathon Participants "What is the most frustrating missing...

Often, when creating a website for a running event, or specifically a half marathon, race organizers forget key information on the home page of the event website or primary registration page. Half Marathon Calendar USA asked Half Marathon participants "What is the most frustrating missing piece of information occasionally missing from a home page of a half marathon." Below are some of the responses Half Marathon Calendar USA received from participants.

Some of the responses seem so very basic, but you'd be surprised how many half marathon websites are missing these items below. The BIGGEST item I see missing is THE YEAR included with a date, leaving people trying to figure out if the date is for the next event or from last year. The second biggest missing item I see is the state, leaving people trying to figure where in the world the town/city is that is listed on the page with no state or full address. Half marathon participants identify many more common missing pieces of information below:

Travis N Langemeier Date & location

Andrea Hudson Cost

Mitchell Rippy Date

Meagan Elizabeth The date and location!! Which in my opinion is the most important information!

Jeff Schmidt What the T-shirt looks like!!!

Lora J Andersen Date and location

Donna Maxwell Pacheco The giant hills always get left out 🤔

Jessica Swingle Location/address for GPS

Don Lahti Time limit

Lex Sandstrom Elevation map